The bad Unfluencer

How exactly can I plan on being healthy, eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle when I have people surrounding me that are a bad influence? I am struggling and really want to ring some necks, it’s frustrating to say the least. This family of mine is not the healthiest, and could benefit from a little of what I am trying to do. Why can’t they just suppot me in this and not flaunt it in my face? They are making it difficult, and I do need to admit I caved twice. I failed and it’s only day 7! So, how can I fix it?

I used to work at a gym, I used to be fit, I can do it again. I just need to put the petal to the metal and make it happen. It didn’t happen overnight and it won’t get fixed overnight. I’m not giving up on my no sweets and sugar challenge! What will I learn about myself sticking to my guns and staying away from the sugar and sweetness? What will it project to others around me? Will it not only make me feel better and healthier, but be a confidence booster for my overall goals? I’ll never know if I let others dictate my outcome. I CAN do this!

Since I am not giving up, it is just starting a little later than expected. The question is, do I stick with it until the end of January as planned then boycott something else I love, or end it February 7th?

P.S.: Once the sugar challenge is over, it DOESN’T mean I go full on sugar, it’s a way to detox it slightly, and learn to live without it and learn to make better choices.


2015 Epic Fail

Well, as you can see, 2015 started and ended pretty quickly with my journey and mission. I didn’t completely give up, it is just more difficult especially with some circumstances I faced. Either way, I may have failed but I am not giving up. I am setting myself up for success this coming year. In 2016, I am more prepared than I was in 2015, I can face the daily life setbacks with a plan I place.

To kick-start my 2016 journey, I have an appointment at my gym with trainer to ensure I get started on the right foot. I also am I instituting a boycott each month. For January’s boycott, it will be Sugar, and limiting caffeine to eliminating it. Now, it will not be a sugar detox so raw fruits and while grains and dairy will be permitted with specific restrictions. I feel better than I did going into 2016, 2015 was spontaneous, non-planned, without preparation. For weightloss, diets, and life changing things to happen are to work, you need to be prepared. I have a good support system and am excited to get into this journey.

My last post several months ago talked about some trauma I experienced, which caused me not to care about myself and my body. I always felt disconnected, wanting to be who I was, but I don’t actually want that. I don’t want to be that girl, I have overcome her! I moved on and need to find who I am now. My 2016 journey is not just about healthy/clean eating, it is about coping with trauma and overcoming shame and guilt of a situation I couldn’t control. 2016 will be clean and healthy eating, recipes, struggles with weightloss, work, etc. but mostly about discovery of one’s true self during transform; it will be raw, satisfying and troubling all at the same time.

Wish me luck!


To succeed in life we need to be positive. It’s that simple, if you thank you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. You control your mind, not your cravings, not your addictions, not your body, YOU. You make a choice each and every day of what you are going to do. We need to take responsibility for our actions and those actions that landed us where we are at. For myself, I was unfortunate enough to experience a traumatic situation. That situation caused me to stop caring about myself and my body. I became a negative person, and lost my easy going, happy, positive attitude. I put walls up, and stopped trusting people. That was also the turning point where I started to let my body go. My traumatic situation happened New Year’s Eve 2008. It is time I To move forward with my life and be the person I once was. To lose some weight I need to put that behind me, and stop looking at it in a negative way.

I have never considered myself a victim, but many in my shoes have. I have always stated it was a situation that I was part of, I put myself into that situation, I did not cause it, but I did allow (in a matter of speaking). For that I cannot call myself a victim, and have suffered with the decisions I had made and the after effects. Fast forward a few years, New Year’s Eve 2014, I decided I had enough, and was going to change. I realized that I did not have to hide the fun outgoing person that I was because of those bad choices I made that evening in 2008. I was not going to let it define me and keep me as the person I became. I can overcome it, I can find a positive in a negative. I believe I always have seen it that was deep down, but it never really clicked. I can trust people, and I do, its time to stop hiding, hence the blog.

So, what does the word positive actually mean to you? Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word positive means: Thinking about the good qualities of someone or something : thinking that a good result will happen, hopeful or optimistic. To be positive you need to be hopeful or optimistic. To be positive, you need to think about the good qualities of someone or something. Let’s think about the bad situations we have had, can you think of anything hopeful or optimistic about them? What about any good qualities coming from it?

For myself, I always knew I let the situation happen, I did not protect myself. I was able to see that immediately, the positive thing was knowing how it happened to make sure it does not happen again to myself or another girl. I also took a good hard look at my life, where I was headed and made some changes. I was never into drugs, but I did like to “hang out” with bad influences and drink a lot. That next day (Jan. 1 2009) I stopped all communication with those “said” friends. Guess what, they never came looking for me either. It goes to show what kind of friends they were. My true friends, are still my friends today. Ok, I’m a little off track here, I always saw the negative and suppressed the positive until now. A positive thing came from such a horrible act. If I can find positivity, so can you.

Take any situation or any challenge and find something positive about it. Life is too short to waste as a Negative Nancy. Embrace life, find joy, get fit, exercise, eat right. Treat yourself and your body right. Be positive. A positive outlook on life makes you a happier person, the happier person can complete a challenge even if they have a setback. If you want to be fit, be fit, don’t give an excuse, or find one, see the light at the end of the tunnel, make shorter more achievable goals, set yourself up for success not failure. Put your mind to it and you can achieve it!



Diets… This one word is enough to make many start to crawl up walls, pull covers over their face, and turn and run. Why are diets such a daunting thing?

I spent too many hours at the book store reading though different diet and weight loss solutions books. To be honest, I was excited and confused with a headache by the time I left. Below is a small stack I had to finish with, notice all the different names.. I also realized the biggest “new” concept was the Paleo diet/lifestyle.

Displaying 20150102_200652.jpg

After reading through way too many books, I learned a few things:

1. I do not need a diet

2. Diets are short-term, not long-term

3. I do not need a book

4. I can be successful!

All diets are basically the exact same thing with a slight “unique” twist. 99% of the diets are not meant for you to last on, they are a short term fix; therefore, when changing back to “real life” without a lifestyle change you will fail. These books are not needed, to be successful I just need a lifestyle change.

Diets are basically about eating whole foods, eliminating sugars, and staying within your calorie range. I can do this without a diet book. I logged back into myfitnesspal account and will begin counting calories. Like anyone, I do not want to be hungry and its easy not to be, so long as I am smart with my choices.

The media is 90% cause of the reason we feel we are always failing, as a little girl, my dolls and barbies showed me what a female body should look like. News flash, its not realistic, google it. That is just one example, look at the pictures and videos that are portrayed about women in particular, the standards to beauty, make-up, grooming, etc. is a tall order and really not realistic.

It is time to put reality back in my life, and be who I am, not who the media wants me to be. On this journey I am going to get back to my happiest self – where I have been in the past. If any of you have a myfitnesspal account, and would like to add me to help keep me accountable, please add me at: fightnrach.

The 365 day “Me” Project & Challenge

Hi, I’m Rachel and this is my “Me Project & Challenge.” I am challenging myself to be a better me, to get healthy, and ultimately, become a better person. To get healthy and achieve my slim pancake self, I need to get healthy. I know this road is going to be long and hard, but I am going to beat this challenge, because I have to. I am in 30’s, and need to drop some lbs. to get and stay healthy, it’s not too late for me or you. I know that to do this successfully, I need to focus on more than the physical portion, it’s as Chris Powell #chrispowell says, a total body transformation.

There are different pillars that I must work on to obtain optimum health: Physical, Social, Environmental, Mental, and Spiritual. I welcome you and challenge you to join me on this long road. I will have some set backs and failures, but my successes will far outweigh them.

This is my transformation, I need to pinpoint what makes me tick, what gets me upset and find better ways to deal with my stress – be nicer to those that get under my skin, and have inner peace and tranquility. Once I do that, I can accomplish anything in life and live my life to its fullest. I am not getting any younger, this is my new beginning!

Join me on my struggle, laugh with me, cry with me, offer support, ask questions, and suggestions. Together, we can make this journey and concur this challenge! #health #challenge #project 365 #2015